Integration of Control Systems

KORONA offers service integration and deployment of control systems. Control and supervision systems are generally comprised of controller and supervisory levels, which are connected with standard communication protocols. The solutions offered provide a variety of communication protocols for data transmission between controllers and the process control system, regardless of the physical media (twisted pair, optics, radio transmission, etc.).

For more efficient operations and a more efficient exchange of data the management systems should be interlinked. If the customer has several different types of software application, the integration of the control system is also very important.

Given our experience and knowledge in the field of energy, automation and control, and software development in the electricity sector, we can prepare an optimal solution to solve the customer's problem. These services include:

  • elaboration of project work,
  • elaboration of functional specifications,
  • establishing a system of project management,
  • linking with other system applications,
  • testing the system,
  • training the customer's staff.

Integration of Control Systems
Integration of Control Systems

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