We deal with the challenges of modern energetics; we build, renovate and modernize devices and facilities in the energy and industry sectors. We automate processes and connect them with other business functions in integrated, information technology supported systems for control and supervision. We solve complex problems, search for systemic solutions, supply equipment and ensure the long-term reliability of system functions. With more than 20 years' experience and a high level of knowledge, we are allied to quality. All this and more constitute the basic building blocks of KORONA's work

We accept challenges as opportunities to gain new knowledge and enhance our own experience. Our strength is in interdisciplinary work, as we operate in different fields. We are flexible, mastering new programs and continually developing, and all this has trained us to take on more and more demanding tasks.

With KORONA on board, you can be sure your project will reflect the energy, enthusiasm and expertise necessary for success.

Our History

KORONA was established in 1988.

Our roots lie in the energy sector so we are familiar with system demands, as well as the technological and economic characteristics of plant functions. We are most experienced in primary and secondary systems in energy plants, such as:

  • Power Plants,
  • Transmission and Distribution Facilities,
  • Supervision and Control Facilities
  • Industrial Power Systems.

Throughout this period we have successfully extended our knowledge and experience in other segments connected with energy and power, such as industry, the environment and transportation.

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