K-EPRM Energy Portfolio and Retail Management

K-EPRM is a web based software solution for modern energy retail support. 

K-EPRM is a planning tool which supports companies with effective Portfolio Management System, Retail Process Automation, Time Series Data Management, Risk Management and Demand & Price Forecasting.

K-EPRM is a simplified, quality and effective decision-making tool which enables controlled and optimal performance of the retail process.



  • Know your portfolio status at any moment
  • Adjust your energy supply quotations to the expected outcome
  • Mitigate risks
  • Enhance your customer approach
  • Minimize imbalance costs against TSO

K-EPRM supports following Business Processes:

Portfolio Analysis and Reporting

  • Portfolio balancing
  • Long and short term position assessment
  • Simulations
  • Analysis and reporting

An advanced portfolio management provides visual and data supported view to a wide variety of business functionalities.

Portfolio balancing provides consolidated energy and financial balance reports for portfolio/sub-portfolio or customer.

Portfolio and sub-portfolio short and long term position assessment is the basis for risk evaluation/mitigation and management of portfolio. It comprises of open, closed retail and wholesale contracts as well as offers, which can be projected into evaluated future. The calculations can be done based on demand forecasts and hourly price forward curves from various energy markets. Consequently, the calculation of financial positions, brings the total basis and input into the core process of energy retail companies. The detailed calculation of the value of each portfolio in selected time point can be done.

The simulations contain WHAT-IF Analyses of all major parameters that affect the portfolio position and balance. It is possible to generate simulations for: portfolio / sub-portfolio and customer imbalance, open and balancing contracts, margin policies and premium definitions over the selected portfolio.

Integrated graphical and data based analysis and reporting module provides: WHAT-IF scenario analysis, demand/supply diagram analysis and purchase/sales simulations, customer option evaluation (tolerance band, product purchasing method, consumption adjustment), evaluation of individual policies margin, ex-post by differentiating the revenue from premium income from the difference in price between buying and selling, trading balance by various options (by partner, country, market, etc).

Time Series Data Management

  • Data acquisition, validation, aggregation and substitution
  • User managed business rules importer engine
  • XML configuration storage for easy and seamless integrations of new data sources

Time series data management is based on proven and robust, user managed importer engine. It includes automated and scheduled uploading, validating, and data aggregation / disaggregation from different data sources. Introduces optimized bulk-import, based on proven Large Data manipulation methods.

Integrated data quality management (DQM) provides quality assessment, design, transforming and monitoring supported by proven DQM KPI's. Importer supports major standards for energy schedule reporting (ESS, KISS) data information exchange interfaces, as well as user defined reporting in different formats (XML, XLS, CSV…).

Demand and Price Forecasting

  • Short and long term
  • Balance group/subgroup demand
  • Group of customers / portfolio and sub-portfolio
  • Hourly price forward curve
  • Imbalance prices
  • Adaptable methodology for mathematical models

Forecasting of customers energy demand anticipation supports either top down or bottom-up. Forward curves models are in place for price forecasting and modelling. Many pre-defined forecasting methodologies are available, while customer specific procedures can be integrated on-the-fly / without code change.

Retail Process Automation

  • Workflow and metadata supported retail process automation
  • Premium and risk margin management
  • Price calculation
  • Retail market actions modelling and preparation
  • Basic trading support and advanced trading integration

Supports workflow and metadata supported Retail Process Automation. Consolidates exchange of trading data with the Sales Function and provides support to long and short term energy sales and purchase.

Risk Management

  • Integrates external risk management data
  • Coordination of wholesale market trading strategy
  • Implements value-at-risk calculations, risk reporting, position trading and arbitrage

Risk management integrates external risk management system data. With K-EPRM, users can create predefined or ad-hoc position and sensitivity reports using pivot tables and interactive graphics. With reusable market data scenarios users can stress test the portfolio or provide WHAT-IF scenarios to evaluate potential trading risks. Tool implements value-at-risk calculations, risk reporting, position trading and arbitrage.

Additional Features

  • Supports ENTSO-E data transparency platform
  • Data warehouse with OLAP analysis
  • Postfestum analysis
  • Time series and statistical analysis
  • Customer portal, B2B and B2C communication
  • Revision tracking and data serialization

Additional features implements data warehouse with OLAP analysis, postfestum analysis, reporting, time series and statistical analysis, revision tracking and data serialization, comprehensive external data / information system integration and user portal, which enables user data insight and additional features for customer care.

K-EPRM comes with demand tailored post-sales support and is available as licensed or Cloud / SaaS based solution.