Operational and Strategic Management and Decision-Making

KORONA's modern information systems are in daily use in all segments of the energy sector: production, trade, distribution, supply and consumption of energy and of course, the regulatory framework. Electric power systems, from both the technological and commercial aspects, are increasingly dependent on quality and appropriately timed decisions, which alone can offer the most advanced information tools to provide stability and power system reliability, adequacy and continuity of supply with electricity.

Our company offers software solutions and applications for operational and strategic treatment and also decision making.

IT support, enabling improvements on the operational level. This group considers the application and integration of IT systems, which are aimed primarily at improving business processes within the company by increasing efficiency, such as:

  • A system to support the purchase and sale of electricity
  • Computer maintenance support
  • Protection center
  • Dispatching system
  • Supporting systems for the electricity market

IT support, enabling improvements in strategic decision making. Informatics is one of the key tools for achieving business objectives and implementing strategies and allows better quality long-term decisions. These tools are as follows:

  • Tools for collecting data from the electricity system
  • Data warehouses
  • Systems for reviewing data analysis and OLAP
  • Systems for collecting and processing data about the quality of electricity

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